Native Seed Bombs!

Plant wildflower with seed bombs!

“Whether it’s a plant pot, flowerbed, wild patch in your lawn or an entire meadow, sowing wildflowers in your garden provides vital resources to support a wide range of insects that couldn’t otherwise survive in urban or built-up areas”

You will need:

  • Meadow flower seeds or seeds collected from the garden.
  • Ideally, use homemade compost
  • Water
  • Clay soil
  • Mixing bowl

Creating your seed bomb:

  1. In a bowl, mix together 1 cup of seeds with 5 cups of compost and 2-3 cups of clay soil
  2. Slowly mix in water with your hands until everything sticks together
  3. Roll the mixture into firm balls about 1 inch in diameter
  4. Leave the balls to dry in a sunny spot
  5. Now for the fun bit! Plant your seed bombs by throwing them at bare parts of the garden and wait to see what pops up!
  6. Be sure to gently push or roll the seeds into the clay and compost
  7. In Colorado, native blanket flower and native asters need water at first to establish, but very little water once established. No need to add further compost once established…


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