Beneficiary Design Aspects

My partner and I are talking about the mutually beneficially aspects of “The Night Sky Prairie Refuge” design. I wanted to take the time to walk through what we believe to key components of the work we’ve carefully considered and what we be the result once the design is implemented and established. Enrichment, soil restoration, an increase in biodiversity, are just a few of the key implements that are integrated into the design. Backed by numerous of the design principles, the project has the making for something beautiful and revolutionary.

It comes down the dirt which is the center of it all. The project will provide much needed restoration to the soil through a vast increase in healthy organic matter (provided by cover crops, trees, compost) as well as a Mycorrhizal treatment to all plants. The soil will be robust, rich, and sufficiently sustaining lives that will indirectly and direct benefit. Around one thousand five hundreds pounds of compost has been made since November of 2020. The material has been held securely by beautifully constructed wooden bins made out of reclaimed materials. The energy put into the maintenance of the materials has resulted in a magical product that will yield wondrous results when applied to the soil to benefit numerous individuals and the land itself.

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