Meet Alaina N. Sigler

Animal Chaplain

From a young age, Alaina was delighted and inspired by other beings from the tiny squiggling worms to the furry, finned, and shelled family members who she shared a home with. She brings her interest in the human-animal bond to her work as an animal chaplain. With over a decade of experience working with children and teenagers of all abilities, she brings a unique skill set to empathize and understand regardless of someone’s age. Alaina’s passion for advocacy blends interests in freedoms for animals, humans, and our beautiful planet.

What is an Animal Chaplain?

As an Animal Chaplain, I honor animal lives and heal human hearts. Additionally, I help humans and animals thrive and aid people with difficult decisions.

Alaina’s specialty is in after-death care. Honoring our relationships with animals is important including the support that may be required for our emotions and needs. Given her history of direct support aiding individuals of various species in animal shelters and in animal sanctuaries, Alaina’s experiences and ability to companion others lend to deep understanding. Alaina joyfully participates in gardening, hiking, and experiencing moments of peace while outdoors.

My Certifications and Experiences

  1. Alaina offers embodied practices to support individuals in grief + other emotions. She is currently working toward ordination as an interspecies animal chaplain
  2. Certificate in Animal Chaplaincy from The Compassion Consortium
  3. Animals and Human Health Certificate from The University of Denver’s Institute for Human-Animal Connection
  4. Certificate in Permaculture Design with The Permaculture Association (for those interested in a small memorial garden)
  5. Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, Special Education Generalist license, and Master of Education in Literacy Instruction K-12 (experience in education to support children or teenagers involved in grief)
  6. Eleven years of working with families from diverse backgrounds and a specialty of working with children and teenagers of all abilities
  7. Passionately participating in a variety of animal advocacy efforts for a decade
A flock of great egrets in South Carolina.