Bleating Hearts Sanctuary

We are excited to work with Bleating Hearts Sanctuary and Living With Harmony to create a thriving space for all life.
This is one of a few examples of how I can support you with a small memorial garden if you find inspiration from this design and implementation. Please contact me with any questions!

The revegetation project will be implemented in May of 2023 in an outdoor space belonging to a rescued group of chickens at Bleating Hearts Sanctuary in Golden, Colorado. All of the individuals occupying that space at the sanctuary have lived cooperatively together in an area surrounded by a vast and lush forested area in the mountains which is 9,000 feet in elevation. The project will allow greater self-sufficiency with food for the residents and for wildlife within their outdoor living quarters, an increase in biodiversity, a lessening of financial burdens on the sanctuary to obtain needed resources, as well as a plant restoration component since we would plant species that are already present in the forest surrounding the sanctuary.

The chickens will have natural shelters and less visibility to predators as well as much-needed shade. Planting a variety of native plants will support soil health as well. All materials and resources are centered around antioppression towards humans, nonhuman animals, and the environment itself. Seeds and starter plants will all be locally sourced, untreated, and non-gmo or organic. Plants that we plan on including are all native, safe for chickens, can sustain themselves in a more moist mountainous region, and thrive at a higher elevation. 

Our long-term goal is to complete the installation of the revegetation project by June of 2023 including increasing biodiversity by planting native perennials and native grasses, reducing the need for outside inputs for resources, implementing smart utilization of natural precipitation, creating opportunities to support the soil health, increase non-treated and organic fresh food availability for residents, restore native plant-life that was previously on site and use measures to keep plant and residents safe.

For this particular project, we are relying on the forest to guide us in what to plant and where. We are going to center revegetation and revitalize the forest. With a focus on earth liberation and liberation of nonhuman animals, revegetation is a natural step of the work to be completed. All chosen plant species are carefully reviewed online to ensure that they are non-toxic to residents. Hundreds of nonhuman animals are projected to benefit, including the wildlife and insects that occupy the area and outdoor living space around the area where bird residents reside. There will be numerous humans that benefit including those that are participating in animal care at the sanctuary.

More updates soon!

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