Interspecies Practices

Connect with animals and other humans in ways that are meaningful to you. Use meditation, guided visualizations, painting, singing, and more. Envoke your creativity to establish balance. You can pair these practices with compassionate self-care. Use the practices below as you please.

A Guided Visualization with a Colorado Spruce and Other Beings

A Blessing Written at Denver Botanic Gardens

Meditative Sounds of Water with Ducks

A Memorial and Water Ritual for a Jellyfish

My family and I came across the body of a jellyfish lying on the beach on a trip in the Spring of 2023. In memory of the jellyfish, their body was buried and a water ritual took place next to the waves where they were found. Please see the video below which includes the salt water used for their burial (shown in the photo on the left).

To view the ritual please click on the video below:

Water-soluble paper was used in this ritual.

Visit this page for future interspecies practices