Vegan Bokashi Fermentation

My partner and I started experimenting with bokashi fermentation using produce scraps and coffee grounds. We obtained bokashi bran and followed the instructions per the label on the bag, also listened to a permaculture podcast episode about it, but will post updates in around two weeks to see how it went!

Checked on the bins after two weeks and we noticed that the produce scraps did very well! The images below show the results of the fermentation. This was the result of two out of three of the buckets that we filled with produce scraps. The third bins had a vast amount of mold at the top and thus we chucked the contents. After a bit of research, we learned that we should allow the buckets to sit without dumping the liquid that pools in the bottom bucket. The buckets should also be VERY airtight! The volume of scraps will decrease to fill around half of the bucket if you fill it all the way to the top (see before pictures above and after pictures below).