About the Designers

Alaina started her design endeavours by taking the 2020 Online Vegan Permaculture Design Course with Graham Burnett. She is grateful to have had opportunities to engage in mutual aid and direct action organizing while working towards the idea of Total Liberation and continues to do so with permaculture design. Her mission is to establish permaculture design by integrating natural energies from self-willed nonhuman animals and create spaces where thriving and freedom are evident.

Dylan is an a 8-year vegan, vegetarian for 8 years prior to that. I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Ecology and have 13 years of landscape construction experience. Environmental justice and animal rights are very essential parts of my life and I enjoy spending my free time working towards those goals. I donate many hours every week to ongoing volunteer projects, most often at a local farmed animal sanctuary. I enjoy staying fit by running and strength training and actively engage skeptical people about the health benefits of changing their consumption to exclude animal products, using my own health as a living as example.